Communication tips for couples

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When people think about what is necessary for a healthy, long lasting and happy relationship one of the top answers will be: communication. It does not matter if it’s a romantic, platonic or professional relationship; honest and authentic conversation is step one. Often times’ people get into situations that escalate into bigger problems simply because someone was not communicating their truth.

Keep your relationship healthy!

When explaining your side of the issue; try to avoid phrases such as “you always” or “you never”; generalizations minimize the effort your partner does give.

Think before you speak. Sounds simple, but it works wonders.

Avoid yelling or using derogatory terms when communicating with your partner. No one likes to feel attacked or unheard. Speak from your heart.

Never assume. Not one of us can read minds. When in doubt; ask!

Try to empathize with your partner. Yep, that means putting yourself “in their shoes”.

Ensure you’re in the right time and place for the conversation. Being able to give each other your undivided attention will help to solve the issue(s) at hand.

Focus on the current issue at hand. Bringing up past or other issues only muddies up the water. Let’s focus on solving one issue at a time.

Don’t bring other people into your discussion. Other people’s opinions don’t matter as much as your partner’s.

Don’t jump to conclusions or interrupt your partner.

It does matter HOW you say things. Be mindful of your tone.

Disagreements are bound to happen; we’re all human with our own opinions after all! Let’s not forget our feelings that play a huge role too. Speak from your heart and from your love; that will make a huge difference.

Hugs and Loves.

Tianna Leigh

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