My experience at Mastin Kipp’s “Growing Into Grace” book tour in Phoenix, AZ


 Mastin Kipp and Tianna Leigh at the “Growing into Grace” book tour in Phoenix, AZ

If you know me, you know I’m a huge “Daily Lover”; meaning I’ve been following/reading Mastin Kipp’s “The Daily Love” for years. I’m also happy to say I’ve been able to turn on a few good friends to following The Daily Love as well and they are ever so thankful! 🙂 Daily Lovers unite!

On March 1, 2014, Mastin, the love of his life Jenna and team had come to Phoenix, AZ for the “Enter the Heart tour”. Naturally; I blogged about it and Mastin even featured it on The Daily Love blog shortly after. Needless to say that was a HUGE honor and validation that the Universe is giving me huge signs that pursuing my writing passion is my key to happiness and living a truly fulfilled life.

Mastin completed his first book “Growing into Grace” and has been on a book tour ever since. On Monday, October 6th his tour stopped in Phoenix, AZ. The event was full of vibrant energy and like-minded people and Mastin speaking some straight truth to the audience. It was awesome! Part of the event we were asked to write down some “Why did this happen to me?” moments and then Mastin workshopped with us in order for us to see the “grace” in those situations. We were asked to partner up with someone near us and I partnered up with a nice gentleman. (In fact this gentleman was one of the attendees who raised their hand when Mastin asked “Okay, honestly who was drug here by a friend or family member?!”) The situation he presented as his “why did this happen to me” moment was very “surface” so you can imagine his surprise when my sharing was very deep. Part of me wanted to hesitate and downplay my sharing but I thought…what the heck?! I shared the story of how my mother committed suicide by hand gun while I was in the very next bedroom and to my ultimate surprise this gentleman said “wow, my mom committed suicide by gun as well when I was 11, but I wasn’t in the house.” I then told him “You realize there’s no accident that you sat next to me, right? What are the chances that two strangers would sit next to one another and share a very similar tragic story?” He was in awe. In fact he said “That’s not a story I share very often.” I told him “There’s a lot of power in sharing our stories; thank you for sharing with me and I hope you now know; you’re not alone.”

Once again, you should have seen the look on his face. For someone who was at a Mastin Kipp event not knowing what he was getting into; I think it was a powerful moment we shared. It was such an amazing and serendipitous moment. Once again, even more validation that pain is power and sharing our stories with one another can make a huge difference.

Thank you to Mastin for creating such a powerful environment and for your entire journey thus far. I’m definitely a “love bug” and Mastin called us at the event and I look forward to touching many people’s lives, just as you have!

Now go buy your own copy of “Growing into Grace” ~ you won’t regret it! I look forward to seeing you again in the future Mastin!

Hugs and Loves,

Wishes for the Soul

Tianna Leigh



2 thoughts on “My experience at Mastin Kipp’s “Growing Into Grace” book tour in Phoenix, AZ

  1. What an amazing post this is Tianna! Very inspiring! More proof that there are no “coincidences.” Your sitting together with someone who shared the same early life tragedy is really astounding. Thanks for your openness and sharing that we can not only survive unfortunate circumstances but can thrive in our lives by helping other loving souls along the way too. Blessings, Cathie

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