How to get more time in your day


I feel the word “busy” gets overused. I feel like we’re ALL busy, but you have to simply learn to prioritize what’s important. There are days when time seems to fly and other days that time seems to stand still; interesting since every single day has the exact same amount of time. 🙂 I’ve made it a priority to focus on my writing and sometimes “life” tries to zap the energy and time right out of me and tries to take that away from me. I just have to make it a priority or else it never happens. Sometimes I think (just as many of us do) that “there’s not enough time in the day!” Ultimately, it’s up to us to figure out how to spend our time most efficiently.

If you wait to do things until you “feel like it”; you’ll be waiting forever

The majority of people have jobs, businesses, relationships, children, pets, hobbies, passions, family/friends etc. and at times it just seems nearly impossible to make everyone happy. Guess what? It is impossible to make everyone happy. With everything going on in our lives we simply have to give our very best in every area of our life. I recommend focusing on the present moment as much as possible. This means that whatever  you’re “doing” in an exact moment should have your full attention. I think this is especially important when spending time with the people nearest and dearest to you. Even if you’re spending 30 minutes with someone; make it count.


Here are some helpful tips you can try:

– Use a calendar (old school style or electronic on your phone/computer)

– Schedule time on your calendar for the things you never get to (calling a friend, reading a book, “me” get the idea) I think scheduling time can help manage time getting away from you

– Schedule time on your calendar for all the things you have to force yourself to do (working out, laundry, cleaning out your closet etc.) This way it’s “scheduled” and not just looming around waiting for you to do “when you feel like it” 😉

– Keep track of the time spent browsing social media; I’m sure you’ll find a lot of “hidden” time right there!

– Have a bed time set for yourself. You have to take care of yourself and rest is crucial to that piece. If you’re a morning person; get up an hour earlier than you normally would have to to get a head start on what you need to do for the day.

– Make lists; crossing off things as you get them done will help you feel more accomplished

Stop making excuses and get it done!


Get your life and yourself organized and you will feel better about the many things you’ve got going on in your life. At the end of each day try to recall all of the accomplishments of the day. Also, don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t get everything done you thought you would. No matter how much we do, how much sleep we sacrifice or how many “no’s” we have to say; there’s always more to be done. Remember, it is impossible to please everyone. 😉  We can’t do it ALL on our own; lean on your family and friends for support and ask for help when you need it. I’d also recommend finding your “getaway” whether it be a run, a yoga class or a coffee with a friend. It’s important to re-charge your batteries and take care of yourself if you want to keep up with your busy life. Oh, and even if your “to do” list is a mile long but you just need to sit down – do it! Never apologize for needing some time to reset.

On that note, thanks for taking the time to read my blog with your busy schedule! It means a lot.

Hugs and Loves,

Wishes for the Soul

Tianna Leigh 

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2 thoughts on “How to get more time in your day

  1. Michelle Willems says:

    Love it! Hope you’re doing well. We really need to get together. I’m in CA right now. Take care! Love you!!

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