How to make Facebook more tolerable

I’ve had this conversation about Facebook with a few girlfriends and after such positive feedback and encouragement to share…I’m going to write an actual “Wishes for the Soul” blog on it! 🙂

Facebook in all of its glory; is an amazing creation. It helps us share thoughts, opinions, pictures and videos instantly. It also helps us stay connected to friends and family that we love no matter how near or far they may be. This is a great thing, but is also NOT a great thing. It is human nature to compare ourselves to everyone else around us; hence sayings such as “keeping up with the Joneses.”  With the creation of Facebook “the comparison bug” is now a downright epidemic. Check out my recent blog on why social media is lying to us in the first place. 😉

Make Facebook a purely positive experience

When you’re scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed (especially) when you’re going through tough times (i.e. break-up, divorce, death or perhaps having trouble conceiving) it’s VERY difficult to peek into people’s seemingly “perfect” lives when yours is falling apart. Everyone seems to have their shit together while you are struggling to make it through one more day. Trust me; I’ve been there!  Being the resourceful gal that I am; I decided to take matters into my own hands since deactivating my Facebook account isn’t feasible for me professionally.

Tips to make Facebook a positive experience:

1) “Unfollow” people on your “Friends” list who are no longer serving a positive purpose for you; whether their life is too “perfect”, too negative, too sad or just too many posts in general that you’re not interested in. It’s okay to “unfollow” people; they won’t know and they’ll still be on your friends list because God forbid you delete someone from Facebook! 😉 Plus you can always look at their profile when you WANT to or start following them again should you be so inclined.

2) Create a “Close Friends” or “Family” list  that you select the members of. (Home page – Select “Friends” – “Create List” – add/delete members) This way you can still post whatever you’d like without having to share it with your 1,522 “friends.” **When you update your status you can choose the newly created group in the “Who should see this” in the dropdown menu.**

3) Put specific people on “Restricted” status (if need be). This means that anyone who is “Restricted” will only see things that you make public. How do you put someone on restricted status? Go to their profile – click on the drop down menu where it says “Friends” – click “Add to another list…” – Select “Restricted” – boom, done!


De-clutter your Facebook news feed

Once I did all of the above; I alleviated the negative energy Facebook was spewing at me through the screen. When going through hard times it was way too difficult for me to be bombarded with images of  happy families, engagement announcements, weddings and babies. It has made Facebook an awesome experience since the only things I see in my newsfeed are things I WANT TO SEE! I see all the people I actually love and care about and all the positive messages and people I follow.  It’s made a world of a difference. Other friends who have taken my advice have since let me know what a positive difference it has made in their lives. So there you have it! Now you have my Facebook secrets! Let me know if you try any of the tips and what a difference it makes for you!

Hugs and Loves,

Wishes for the Soul

Tianna Leigh

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