The Dove Beauty Patch: Empowering women everywhere or is it?


The above video is about Dove’s “Beauty Patch.” Women were asked to be part of a research group that were each given a patch and told to document how it made them feel after they had been wearing it. The longer the women wore the patch; the more confident they felt about their appearance. At the end of the research; they were asked if they would like to know what was in the patch and what they found was astounding to the women. Nothing. Absolutely nothing was in the “Beauty Patch.”

It was a wake up call to women everywhere; much like Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches video that went viral. Women can (and should!) feel beautiful about themselves without the need of a “Beauty Patch” or any other gimmick that is out there. This is yet another reminder that as women; it is so important that we empower each other to try to help alleviate the epidemic that “we’re never pretty enough…skinny enough…good enough.”

Learn to love yourself, love the women around you and stop telling yourself you’re not good enough because you’re lovely; trust me!

Hugs and Loves,

Wishes for the Soul

Tianna Leigh


One thought on “The Dove Beauty Patch: Empowering women everywhere or is it?

  1. Toni DeBenedictis says:

    We are so hard on ourselves….and even the slightest of infractions, not even meant as anything, can cause us to reexamine how we were feeling about ourselves. There is always something lovely about the people I know, whether it’s physical or not. Surrounding ourselves with good people who encourage us to be the best we can be is the best! Keep up the great work, Tianna!

    Love, Mama Toni

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