Believe That the Best is Yet to Come



“You can’t just plan a moment when things get back on track; just as you can’t plan the moment you lose your way in the first place.” Sarah Dessen

There are times when you run across a quote and it’s sort of an “aha moment.” The above quote had that effect on me. Life is a series of twists and turns…to say the least. To plan your life out is nearly impossible. Sure…you can have goals, ideas and a general direction of where you’re going, but you absolutely cannot plan every moment of your life. There will be moments when life is smooth sailing and other times when you will get knocked on your booty. Sometimes there’s a series of events that lead up to losing your way and other times it’s one big event that leaves you lost. As you take the time to assess the situation and are trying to get yourself back on your feet; some days will be better and some days will be worse. Every day is leading to the bigger picture.

Every gray day you get through is one step closer to sunshine

During a grief or recovery period there will be tears, sadness, anger, confusion, loneliness and people may even come and go into your life. Each day you put one foot in front of the other and each day (even though you may not notice it) you’re actually getting stronger. You’re getting closer to the path you’re supposed to be on for the next chapter of your life. You see, life isn’t just one straight road; it’s an entire map of roads that lead you in many directions. That’s actually part of the fun!

Trust the process

As you’re going through “the struggle” you’ll wonder when it will end. Rest assured that inevitably there will come a day when you’ll wake up full of life and excitement. You’ll be so busy making plans and enjoying your “new” life you won’t even necessarily notice that you’re back on track; although, it is pretty awesome when you do get a quiet moment to reflect on how far you’ve come. In the moments of reflection; you’ll wonder…”When did it stop hurting?” “When was the last time I cried?” “Why did I think that was the end of the world?” You’ll never be able to pin point the moment when it actually happens, but it does. One moment; the struggle is over and life is once again good.

As someone who has been “off track” many times in life (many times not by my own choice) I can tell you that you will survive! In fact, not only will you survive; you’ll be a stronger, wiser, better version of yourself and that my friends is always worth the struggle. You never know what is around the corner so just keep chugging along and always know that the best is yet to come.

Hugs and Loves

Wishes for the Soul
Tianna Leigh


2 thoughts on “Believe That the Best is Yet to Come

  1. Toni D. says:

    All you wrote is so true. Take it from someone who has been through a lot! lol All the best to you as you continue your journey!

    Love ya,
    Mama T

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