Enter the Heart Tour in Phoenix, AZ by Daily Love’s Mastin Kipp

I remember when I first starting reading about the “Enter the Heart” tours that Mastin Kipp, Founder of the Daily Love had created. In one of his posts he asked where else they should come on tour and I commented “PHOENIX, ARIZONA!!!” So, when I saw the email that the tour was actually coming to Phoenix March 1, 2014…I was ecstatic and knew that I had to be there! I immediately bought my ticket and tried to rally some of my girlfriends who I knew would get value out of the experience also.

The weeks leading up to the event; I was super excited and ready to see what Mastin would have in store for us. When we arrived at the Lifetime Fitness and got set up on our yoga mats; I was eager to catch a glimpse of “the” Mastin Kipp; the Daily Love writer! You may be wondering what the big deal is? To me Mastin is amazing and is creating positive change in the world; which is exactly what I feel my purpose is also! Mastin has created an empire simply by sharing his story and being vulnerable with his audience. He has so many amazing view points and his Daily Love emails always seem to be “just what I need to hear.” Of course; this is the Law of Attraction at it’s best. Sign up for The Daily Love here!

The night was powerful, inspiring and uplifting. As funny as it sounds; I could hardly believe I was in the same room with Mastin; he was right there – looking at me!  It was so awesome to connect with all of the other Daily Lovers in Phoenix, Arizona. There was a lot of positive and bright energy in the room, but of course, I had no doubt that’s exactly how the experience would be. The highlight of the night was watching one of our very own Phoenix Daily Lovers experience breakthroughs right before our eyes. She was so brave and shared her personal story with us while Mastin helped her “hear” her hearts messages. It was magical!

Here’s a picture of Mastin and I at the event: 


Here’s a picture Mastin put on Instagram of us doing the Kundalini yoga portion of the Enter the Heart Tour: Phoenix.


Here’s an excerpt from the Daily Love blog about this exact event:

“Our “Enter the Heart” event was awesome. Sold out. In a gym. But not just any gym, Lifetime Fitness – which is the Whole Foods of gyms. It was a whole city block and had three levels – including swimming pool, basketball courts and it’s own restaurant.

The Daily Lover’s that came out to Phoenix were so amazing. So kind.” – Mastin Kipp


Mastin, I hope you receive this blog and know how much of an inspiration and role model you are to me. I too am a writer and hope to create spiritual movements just as you have and continue to do! I have turned many people on to Daily Love and they’re always so thankful that I do. I 100% believe in you and hope that maybe someday we can collaborate and work together. It’s powerful for people like us to to unite and create something even more powerful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for an unforgettable experience. I look forward to more Daily Love in my life for years to come!

Hugs and Loves,

Wishes for the Soul

Tianna Leigh

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