There’s magic to be made outside of your comfort zone


When we are children people eagerly ask “what do you want to be when you grow up?!” No matter what the child answers, the adult with inevitably praise and encourage the child by saying things like “you can do whatever you put your mind to!” To me, this is awesome and just how it should be. The problem is; the older we get the more and more those big dreams we had as children or even as adults get overshadowed by people telling you to “be realistic”. Why is that? Why can’t we live life pursuing each and every dream we have for ourselves? Why can’t we pursue our passions and truly live out what we truly believe our calling to be?

Go pursue your calling; you have a gift and you’re worth it!

I believe that every person has a gift to give the world. Everyone should be able to pursue their dream no matter how “unrealistic” or outlandish it may seem. If people pursued more of what makes them come alive; they would really come alive! Not every path will be easy or successful but I assure you that you will learn so much about yourself along the way. Isn’t a personal growth path worth it? I’d say so! With enough time, persistence and a no quit attitude you will be able to make some, if not all of those dreams a reality! I think that’s exciting and worth taking a risk. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith and know that our wings will be built on the way down.

Don’t get stuck in the mediocrity of the norm

The world needs more people who pursue what they feel their true calling to be. Why would you want to waste the limited time you have on Earth living someone else’s dream for you or miserable because you think that “it’s impossible”? Don’t get stuck in the mediocrity of the norm. There’s magic to be made and to be found outside of your comfort zone. Find a support system and surround yourself with like minded people who will encourage and support you no matter what! Everyone has to start somewhere. Why not you? Why not now? Throw all of your excuses out of the window and go for it. It will not be a straight line to the finish line, but it will be fun and a huge growing experience. Whatever it is that you feel deep down your calling is…pursue it! Love every minute of your journey and go make a difference in the world. The time is now.

Hugs and loves,

Wishes for the Soul


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