What to do when life knocks you down



Fear of the unknown is a normal and expected human reaction. Fear has it’s place and time and can keep you from doing silly or sometimes dangerous things but to let fear hold you in a place where your whole body is telling you is wrong; is not right! Although sometimes our body and our mind are not in sync. In fact sometimes logic and emotion seem like they are living on completely separate planets. There is a constant battle going on in your head that says do one thing, yet your emotions just can’t handle doing it. It’s a sometimes frustrating process.

When life throws us a curve ball, or perhaps many in a row, we can sometimes start to wonder if the whole Universe is against us. We can start to feel as though we are stuck in a hole while the rest of the people around us are getting exactly what they want. Sometimes we can even look at someone’s life and roll our eyes because it seems as though they get handed everything on a silver platter and no one or nothing can harm them. We all know this is never reality though. Just because someone seems put together on the outside doesn’t mean their lives are perfect. We just start comparing ourselves to others especially during hard times.

So here we are knocked on our ass and thinking “what do I do now?” I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve said “This is not what I envisioned for my life!” It’s downright maddening sometimes! My advice is to focus on one day at a time, and even when that is just too much, take it an hour or minute at a time. Tap into your faith and make sure you are surrounded by understanding, compassionate and loving people. The people that are there during your tough times are the real deal. Everyone wants to ride with you in the limo, but who will ride the bus with you? You know what I’m saying? 🙂

Become one with the Universe and make sure your thoughts are in line with what you’d like to manifest in your life. Stop focusing on the problem because what we focus on expands. Start focusing on what makes you happy. Truly come to the realization that whatever has caused  you to feel this way is truly a blessing in disguise. You will not see it when you’re in the thick of it, but I assure you there MUST be something out there that is better suited to fulfill your life’s purpose. You just have to believe  you deserve it.

Don’t wish the problem would go away, just wish the problem will teach you whatever you are mean to learn. Embrace mistakes as teachers. Life is a bumpy and curvy road so buckle up and try to enjoy the ride as much as you can. Learn how to be okay alone because in the end if you are not full of self love and self acceptance, then how is anyone else going to come in and ADD to your life? Yes I said ADD; not complete! Throw all of that “You complete me” garbage out of the window because honey, you complete yourself.

Now get started living the life you’ve imagined. This is it! Today is your day.

Hugs and Loves.

Wishes for the Soul


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