The World Looks Different From the Ground


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There may come a time when the rug will get pulled right out from under you and you’ll end up on your booty wondering “what the heck just happened?!” It’s during these times when you’re trying get back on your feet that your world will seem much different. The world you knew has been flipped upside down and the things and people you once knew may not look the same as before. It’s a harsh reality and can be downright miserable to wrap your mind around. Although I believe it is at these times that you will truly find out what you’re made of while trying to put the pieces of the puzzle back together.

Every gray day you get through is one step closer to the sunshine

No matter what you’re going through it seems that when hard times arise so do the “Seven Stage of Grief: Shock, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Guilt, Depression, Acceptance and Hope” Unfortunately you won’t know which one you’ll be in at a moment’s notice and it is never a parallel process. You may be in one stage then onto another and back to the same stage you started in. It can be completely unnerving. You can get lost in thought thinking “this is never going to get better!” That kind of thinking will get you in trouble though.

Where there is no struggle; there is no strength

Throughout all the trials and tribulations that I’ve experienced personally; one thing I know for sure…it will get better with time. There will come a day when the pain has subsided and you are once again smiling for no apparent reason. It will be worth it to keep taking steps forward although when you’re in the dark cloud; you just can’t see it. Just keep perspective and my advice is to take your life one day at a time, hell sometimes you can only handle one hour at a time without having anxiety and that is okay. Although we experience pain in many different ways it is important to know that all pain really is the same.

So as one of my very dear friends told me “Take a deep breath, let it go. Then tie up those bootlaces, hike up your big-girl panties, squares those shoulders, put on your goggles and cape and get right back in there!” I couldn’t have said it better myself! Make sure to surround yourself with positive people, read books, listen to empowering music and take long walks to clear your head. There’s going to come a day that all of this will simply be a scar on your heart, but you will have learned so much.

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