Why you should NEVER abandon yourself

If you ask people what they want most out of life, the answer will most like be “to be happy; truly happy”. It makes sense and really doesn’t seem like much to ask for. The problem with this statement is that we are constantly getting in the way of our own happiness. We say we want to be happy yet we stay in jobs we hate, spend time with negative people and stay in relationships for fear there is nothing better out there…to name a few. Then we complain that we aren’t happy? It’s a vicious cycle. We are unhappy due to our own actions or sometimes inaction.

You see, if we could truly speak our truths and show the world and those around us what we really want and need, then things would start to manifest according to our happiness. The world is already full of negative and unhappy people who aren’t afraid to show it; why not be one of the very few who puts your happiness at the top of your priority list? When you are happy; you radiate sunshine and people will feel that energy coming from you. Happiness breeds more happiness!

Abandoning ourselves to please others is so far from what we need and what the people in our lives need. Women; especially mothers, find themselves always putting themselves last. They think that is their duty. If everyone else around them is fulfilled and taken care of; they think they will be happy. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If you can not look at your life and know that everything and everyone in it is truly adding value to your life; it’s time to start reevaluating. Sometimes we think if we suppress or “hide” parts of ourselves that are not being fulfilled that eventually it will just cease to exist. In fact, this is so far off, it’s the exact opposite. The more you ignore and try to ignore the pieces of you that make you, well you, the more those needs will grow. You are slowly killing your soul and your heart by not speaking your truth and being the you that YOU love.

Sometimes we say nothing for fear of what others will think. It is scary! Once you start speaking those words, there is no getting them back. Does it mean that you may hurt someone or lose someone? Yes, and that is a harsh reality to say the least. On the other hand, does it mean that someone will love you more, someone new will come in who loves you as you are, and the people around you may respect you even MORE for being so brave? I’d like to believe so. People have their own preconceived notions of what someone else’s life should look like when in reality they should just focus their attention on what their own lives look like.

In the end, after you speak your truth and all is said and done,  you will feel so much more light and free. This is now allowing you to be the you you’re supposed to be! How invigorating! You know what else is exciting? The people who stand by your side AFTER you have spoken your truth will be some of the truest people! If they love you no matter what; if they simply want to see you happy, they are true to you. Once you keep yourself surrounded by those people; life truly begins.

So when should you abandon yourself? NEVER!


Hugs and loves,

Wishes for the Soul


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