Trust the Process

Why is it so easy for us to GIVE advice, but it is so hard to TAKE the same advice you’d be dishing out? It seems whenever a friend or family member is in crisis mode we can come in and be the strong, level headed, positive person they need us to be. On the other hand, when we ourselves are in crisis mode, every positive piece of advice they throw at us starts to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher! Although you so appreciate their advice and know deep down they are probably right, all you start to hear is “wa wa wa wa wa wa”

I suppose it is because when you’re in crisis mode all you are consumed with is the fear of the unknown and start to feel a bit like “why me?!” When your “crisis lense” is on; everything seems to be a bit dreary and all of a sudden everyone you come in contact with seems to be annoyingly happy and put together. We know this is untrue to some extent because life is full of ups and downs and people have their own stories and skeletons in their closets but it’s hard to see that when you feel so confused, angry, hurt or whatever else your crises may entail.

One thing is for sure, I’m sure this is NOT the first time you  have felt this way. The upside of that is to know that you came out of it on top, somehow, someway. Therefore, it would be foolish to think that the same would not happen this time around 🙂 Just as people see us for the awesome people we truly are when we can’t see it ourselves; we must learn to trust the process and know that their positive encouragement and outlook is something we should try to adopt during these times in our lives also. I assure you they can see your situation probably clearer than you can, so at times we must allow them to be the positive light and have faith that they are right. Things never stay the same; good or bad. I guess the key is to be thankful for the good times and be graceful during the bad times.

Where there is no challenge there is no growth so whatever you’re going through is simply a growing pain. Regrets, mistakes and second guessing  yourself is never fun in the moment, but it’s all for the experience. You will always learn something about yourself during these challenging times and that is invaluable. In order to continue to reach for your highest potential you are bound to make some mistakes along the way, but all that means is that you’re trying! Try not to beat yourself up too much (as easy as it is to do!) Every single one of us has made our own share of mistakes, but we survive and come out better people in the end.

Through it all, please continue to love yourself. You are simply doing the best you can. Always remember: when you know better, you do better.

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Hugs and loves,

Wishes for the Soul


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