Stop making excuses

Excuses excuses excuses…doesn’t every one have one? Whether it’s why you are late, why you procrastinated or why you are the way you are.

Taking responsibility and ownership of the decisions you make or have already made is step one to living a full life. Are there things you don’t like about your life; about yourself? Are there decisions you wish you could take back? Join the club honey! 🙂 The wonderful thing is that we do not have to be stuck with the decisions we’ve made if they are not healthy. Learn to stop the excuses and forgive yourself. Take the steps towards a better you.

No matter what was done to you as a child, or in a relationship, or what mistakes you parents or siblings made…YOU are your own person! Choose to rise above all of the negativity and life altering decisions someone else has made and choose a better path for yourself. Stop using the excuse that you are the way you are because of what was done to you.

Life is a beautiful gift and each and every day should be cherished and appreciated. In order to do this we have to STOP MAKING EXCUSES! Nothing good can ever come from blaming others for why your life is the way it is. You have a choice each and every day. CHOOSE to  be better; therefore live better. No one is perfect and every one makes mistakes; that is all a part of the journey. Learn from them, and move on. When you know better, you do better.

Bad things are bound to happen and there will be stumbling blocks – but use those experiences to make you a stronger and wiser being. Whatever hand you were dealt is unique to you and your journey. Turn it in to something positive. Share you experiences and life lessons with the world! If you are wondering why you keep getting “the short end of the stick” you may not be getting the lesson so it is being presented to you again in another form. Learn from it, embrace it and then let it go.

Are you the one who is being blamed for someone else’s mistakes? Do everyone a favor and hand them back their problems. They have to learn to take ownership of their own life and their own problems. Do not let their excuses turn into your burden. Stop allowing them to play the victim role – they have to open their eyes and figure it out.

We are not who we are because of what has been done to us. We are who we are because of how we choose to respond to what’s been done to us. Period.

Every day is a new beginning…are you ready to start living in a more positive light?

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One thought on “Stop making excuses

  1. Susan says:

    Favorite line… “We are not who we are because of what has been done to us. We are who we are because of how we choose to respond to what’s been done to us.” Love this T…. thank you!! xo

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