The laugh of a child can heal the world

Children are amazing little beings. They can make you the happiest and I’m sure can make you the most frustrated at times. 🙂

The child who walks into the room wants to know that you see them; that you hear them and that they matter. That although you are “busy”, stressed and perhaps overworked that you can stop and validate them.

Your child(ren) will only be this age once. They will only want to cuddle, play games, be tickled and all of those fun kid things for so long. Cherish those moments.

Let go of the “adult” in you even if just for a short while and feel light; feel free and have fun. Show them you care and that you love them. Give them eye contact and undivided attention to show how special they are. The laundry will get done, the floors will get vacuumed- these moments are priceless.

A child’s laugh can light up the room and the darkest of days seem brighter. Allow your eyes to light up at the sight of children. Children are much smarter and intuitive than some people give them credit for. They see what is going on; they hear; they feel it all. Let them feel nothing other than love, attention, nurturing and acceptance. They have their whole lives to feel the affects of stress; don’t let them feel they are a cause of stress to you by any means.

Take time out of your day to give them real hugs. Look them in the eyes and tell them that you love them. Tell them you are so grateful you brought them into this world and you don’t know who you would be without them. Go play that game, read a book, ride bikes…whatever it is that will make your child feel you care; go do it.

Children are amazing and they grow up way too fast. Show them how much they matter. All a child wants is to feel loved and safe. Please don’t try to buy their affection; a child wants all of those non material things that only you as their parent can give them. Trust me- I know all too well what a void it is to not have parents so all I want is to see no child feeling neglected or unimportant because each and every one of them has so much love to give and so much light to share. Allow their light to shine.

No matter what is going on in your life and mind; when your child walks up to you…smile! Show them you are happy they are there. Children will learn to smile from you.

Children desperately need to know- and to hear in ways they understand and remember- that they’re loved and valued.




One thought on “The laugh of a child can heal the world

  1. Toni says:

    Ahhhh Tianna…this hit so close to home. I absolutely loved being a mother to three small children…we had so much fun together. I wrote down all the funny things they’d say and have a 3 ring binder with some of the best lines ever!
    I’ve loved watching them grow into the beautiful people they are today and feel truly blessed to be their mom. The hardest part…not being in their lives everyday..but that’s how it’s supposed to be. So, I step back and watch as their lives unfold before them…cheer them on…hug them when it doesn’t go their way…and always with a heart full of love. You will make a wonderful mother for you have a truly lovely soul. Much love kiddo, Toni

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