The sun is always shining behind the clouds

Pain. We’ve all felt it in one capacity or another.

We avoid it at all costs, but it’s inevitable that we will encounter it time and time again throughout life.

The interesting fact is that emotional pain can sometimes be more overwhelming than a physical pain. Most of us would say “break my arm- at least I know it will eventually heal” versus heartache where it feels there is no end and we feel we are now damaged by the pain our broken heart has caused us. It really has no bearing on where the heartache came from necessarily, because pain is all the same.

When you’re in the shadows of the dark cloud and sunshine seems like a thing of the past I challenge you to focus on your strength. Strength?! You think. I have no strength! I am weak; I am broken and becoming hopeless that this will ever end. I assure you that with help of friends and family you will overcome the obstacle of the pain that is surrounding you now. You will come out on the other end and you most definitely will have learned from it. By that point that pain will be a distant memory, but don’t turn your back on the pain. Embrace it. It is creating the you that you are meant to be; it is making you stronger! Hold on to the scar of the pain but don’t dwell on it. Be gracious when you are taking yourself lightly and things are going your way because at any moment that pain can take you by surprise again.

Don’t fear the pain – know that you are a survivor and are being taught something. Love yourself more than anyone else can and know that you have no control over them. You can only control your thoughts which in turn will affect your feelings. As much as it seems impossible…drag yourself to someone or something that once put a smile on your face. Your smile and laughter are waiting patiently to be found once again.

Just know that every bad day you live get through during this painful time makes you stronger and that a better day is on the horizon.

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One thought on “The sun is always shining behind the clouds

  1. Toni says:

    That is true. Some people have a harder time than others in this regard…and I guess that’s why we see alcoholism, drug abuse, even suicide…the pain is too much for them to handle.

    Family and friends have been my strength when the emotional pain of my divorce was overwhelming. Today, I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time. My kids (and you know them well) are amazing people and I’ve seen them grow in so many ways since those hard times too.

    Great write up, Tianna. As always, you are an amazing person and lovely young woman.


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