Do you sit and ponder the past? Feel regret? Angry? Confused?

Do you let the feelings seep into your present and think they will always linger in the future?

Sure the things we endure, enjoy, and live through make us the people we are today so we can’t discount that, but if the past is weighing you down that’s a weight you need carry no more my friend.

Are there people in your life that when you think of them it makes you upset? Do you wish you could change them or how your interaction was or perhaps still is? If you’re around someone who plays the victim role, the liar, the manipulator, the “villain” – let them. They have their own demons to fight and they say misery loves company – oh boy – that is SO true.

I’m here to tell you it’s not about them. It never was and never will be. It’s all about YOU! The power is all in you; just realize that power and use it to your advantage. They can’t bring you down or make you feel less worthy without you allowing it.

All you can focus on is yourself. Believe the power is all yours. Your power to be strong, walk away, get closer, let go, be happy no matter how much people want to see you fail. Once you realize you’ve had the power all along – the possibilities are endless.

I’ve always said you create your destiny and I truly believe this. There will always be the negative people out there that will try to bring you down. Don’t let them! The best thing you can do for yourself to someone who is so twisted in their own mind is to rise above their negative energy. To be successful- to survive – to show them you aren’t weak and aren’t going to play their game.

You have a beautiful life to live and if they can’t be an encouraging and positive part of that – then so be it. Leave the burden on their shoulders and free yourself to live YOUR life- to it’s fullest potential.

You have infinite power to create the life you want. You’ve always had the power and always will. Profound realization right?

Get to know yourself. What you want and what you don’t want. What is acceptable and what is absolutely not tolerated. Refocus on what’s important. As for all of those people walking around lost; pointing the fingers at everyone else and trying to “fix” others; let them worry about themselves. You have way too much life to live and greatness to show this world to be fixated on their mess.

Love yourself and all the love with be returned in full.


3 thoughts on “Power

  1. Toni DeBenedictis says:

    Wonderful, encouraging words Tianna. I wish young people could know the power that they hold…so they didn’t have to go through years of trial and error to figure this out…is that a rite of passage, I wonder?

    In any case, this was right on the money. Keep up the great work, I enjoy reading your blogs.

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