You are worthy

What is your self worth? What do you mean to yourself? Do you take care of yourself? Why is it that we are in a constant battle within ourselves wondering if we are worthy? Worthy of time for ourselves. Worthy of respect. Worthy of the best? What do I mean you wonder?

I must say that it is obvious in our actions. We stay in jobs that we dread. We endure emotional abuse from family members and friends. We allow others to shine while we sit in the shadows. We stay in unhealthy relationships due to fear. We don’t voice our opinion. We’re all guilty of this. These actions all boil down to the simple fact that somewhere deep down we feel as though we are not worthy of more; that we don’t deserve the best; that it’s okay to be unhappy.

Well, I completely disagree. You are worthy of every beautiful thing that this world has to offer. You deserve everything you have ever dreamed of for yourself. But please do not think that all of these beautiful things will land in your lap. No. You must envision it and work hard to achieve whatever it is that you want. Getting what you want is all about you. You have control and make the decisions to get there. Don’t put the pressure to get what you want on anyone else but you. Stop waiting for someone to change you, save you, love you, or validate you. You are in control of every step of your life. You get to choose what lifts you up and also what brings you down. You do not have to settle for less because it’s convenient for others. Stop and ask yourself…what’s in it for ME? Is this going to get me to where I want to be? Will this make me feel good about myself? Only you know the answers. Create the life you want. You are worthy and absolutely deserve it. Dream it. Believe it. Create it. Live it.

Repeat this to yourself: I am worthy just as I am. I deserve to be treated with respect. I will stand up for what I believe in. I will forgive myself when I may make a mistake. I will not take my friends and family for granted. I can let go of things and people that bring my spirit down. I will love and take care of myself. I am worthy. I am worthy. I am worthy!

Yahhooooo! Loving yourself is a great thing!


2 thoughts on “You are worthy

  1. Kelly Pocan says:

    I love your positivity. Me and a friend were just talking about this today… that feeling of worthlessness sticks with you a long time if you don’t take the necessary steps to correct your thinking. Great post.

  2. Lisa says:

    Very uplifting words …. wish these were around when I was a teenager. Nice to see you express these encouraging thoughts to the world!

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